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Flash Fiction

a whole story in a thousand words

Flash fiction is a short-short story. Different types range from 5 to 1,000 words. Each flash fiction is a complete story with all the regular elements of plot, conflict, and characters. It’s just brief. 

Flash-fiction writer Angela Jane Fountas compares flash fiction to a novel: “It’s like eating a tiny chocolate truffle instead of a 10-course meal—it’s satisfying. But it’s a different kind of satisfaction.”

 Petting Zoo Promise

I had so much fun writing this story. The button incident really happened to me on a field trip to a petting zoo as a child. And I have to credit Mel’s Faux Farm for showing me what happens when you scratch a pig’s belly.

Dinner for Three

This story was a fun surprise. I started off writing about Jonathan cooking spaghetti, and all of a sudden Parker walked onto the page and sat down for dinner! 

🏆  Spark Readers' Choice Award 

Perfect Timing

Fall is my favorite season and it’s a setting rich for all your senses to enjoy, which made this theme especially appealing. This was my first attempt at writing flash fiction, but it won’t be my last!

Jellyfish and Mermaids

My local ACFW chapter took a writers’ retreat to the beach, and I was supposed to be working on my novel. But the sound of the waves and the smell of the ocean hijacked my imagination and this story just spilled out. 

🏆  Spark Readers' Choice Award


Shattered Darkness

in the Charleston Light anthology by the ACFW SC Lowcountry Chapter

A collection of faith-filled novellas all inspired by Charleston Light, the wonderfully awkward lighthouse that sits on the shore of Sullivan's Island, South Carolina. The stories range from sweet romance to time travel, from fantasy to a modern retelling of a fairytale. There's something for everyone on these pages that point to God's love and light.

Presented by authors from the American Christian Fiction Writers South Carolina Lowcountry Chapter. Proceeds from the sale of this anthology will go to Sanctuary of Unborn Life in Charleston, SC, a faith-based nonprofit that provides support, mentoring, and housing assistance for local pregnant women and new mothers in need.


Six years ago, Will Edgar left his high school sweetheart behind. Now he’s back in town, and vandalism to their beloved lighthouse throws them together. But Will and Raven are haunted by the past. Can they break free and learn to trust again?

(Pro-Tip: The free historical flash fiction that you get when you sign up for my Author Newsletter becomes the ghost story in Shattered Darkness!)

AMAZON LINK:    Charleston Light